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VPSLink's Terms of Service Overview

We've put together this Terms of Service Overview to help you understand your rights and responsibilities when using our services. Your use of VPSLink's services and products indicates your consent to all of VPSLink's Terms of Service Policies and Agreements, the most recent versions of which can always be found at

User Agreement

Our User Agreement is a legal contract between VPSLink and you, our customer. The Agreement contains the rights, duties and obligations of both VPSLink and anyone who uses our services.

Acceptable Use Policy

Our Acceptable Use Policy is designed to protect both VPSLink and our customers from illegal, malicious, damaging or inappropriate behavior. Please review the Policy to understand your responsibilities when using our services.

Privacy Policy

We are firmly committed to protecting your privacy, and our Privacy Policy outlines how we collect information and what we do with it.

Domain Registration Agreement

As an organization or individual applying to register, transfer or renew a domain, you are subject to the terms of our Domain Registration Agreement.